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www.papplaca.hu hereby informs the operator of the website visitors personal data on the practice followed, the data is taken to protect the organizational and technical measures, as well as visitors to the relevant rights and their assertion possibilities.

1. The data

The data controller (s), Laszlo (headquarters: Győr)

2.The managed data

When you view the site the user is automatically recorded the visit of the start and end dates, and in some cases - the user's computer, depending on the settings - the type of browser. These data, the system automatically generates statistical data. The operator does nit connect this infomation with personal data. In case of entry sends a session ID, which is automatically deleted when leaving the page.

The website is to use the specified data is voluntary consent of the user.

3. The data management is

The data management, web services provided by the registered users as well as data management and continuous connection between the survey public opinion.

The date of visit, and the type of browser and operating system, recording and storage exclusively for statistical purposes.

The data for a purpose different from the personal information is not used. The handling of such data is voluntary consent of the user.

The www.papplaca.hu for users of all confidential data and fact, they only development of its services, the sale of advertising space and its own research and statistics used. The publication of these statements are made only in a way that is not suitable for individual identification of each user.

4. Duration of data management

In the session IDs are automatically deleted when you leave our website.

The www.papplaca.hu does not assume any liability for has been deleted, but the contribution of Internet search engines yet been archived, previous webpage. The elimination of the search site operator should be ensured.

5. Authorization to access the data, data processors

The personal information you provide access to the data manager.

Personal data to third parties other than those indicated in the data does not pass. This does not apply to any statutory, mandatory data submissions, which can take place only in exceptional circumstances. The data for each performance of official data requests before each data manager examines with respect to whether there is indeed legal basis for data transmission.

6. Enforcement Options

Any user who feels that a breach of personal data protection www.papplaca.hu owner's right to assert its claim before civil court, or request the assistance of the Privacy Commissioner. In this, as well as the obligations of data manager for the detailed legal provisions on personal data protection, and public disclosure of data of 1992. LXIII. law.

The data protection principles when designing 1992. LXIII. No - the protection of personal data and on data of public interest, and in 1998. Act VI. number of individuals protected by the automatic processing of personal data - we relied on the law.

7. Information on dangers threatening privacy

The usage of Internet involves different dangers threatening privacy.

Please note that this website personal information as described in the opinion, which your special data, origin, political opinions may be inferred. These data can be accessed by anybody.

We recommend that you protect your personal data in order to use PET technology (Privacy Enhancing Technology). You can find several web sites for information.

8. Information on copyright terms

The copyright owner of the site is sound and visual recordings left for domestic use only. All other rights reserved.
The definition of home use excludes the use of these audio and video recording in places such as clubs, corporate buses, hospitals, hotels, prisons and schools.
This audio and video recording, or any part of any unauthorized copying, release, lease, exchange, renting, public playing or broadcasting network delivering strictly forbidden and any such acts of civil procedure act or criminal proceedings entails.
Without the permission of the owner of the corresponding audio and video recording can not be exported, are not commercially distributed or sold.